ature & Nurture


The diversity of the domain’s soil is quite remarkable even from one parcelle to another. The domain’s vines spring from clay-limestone hillside terraces, with sandy and even villafranchien soil more down the valley.  The soil has excellent draining qualities and allows the vines to thrive in the temperate climate typical of the Languedoc.  The soothing breezes on the hillside not only soften the intense heat of the midday sun but provide natural anticeptics to the plants.


Former vestiges of the sea’s fauna are still now deeply embedded in the estate’s terroir.  Hence the eponymous “Pézenas”, literally “piscean” heritage.   Still today, as we take walks through the vineyards, we regularly come across sea fossils which date back millions of years, when this very land used to lie at the bottom of the sea.  These sea shells testify to the slow passage of time, nourishing the land through the generations, essential to its unique qualities from which flourish the vines.


Committed practitioners of organic viticulture, we obtained full AB Organic certification (Agriculture Biologique) in 2013. We firmly believe that responsible winegrowing practices are the only way to ensure that one day our children will be able to work the land with as much pleasure as we do.


We train the vines using the “cordon de royat double” technique, which involves hard cane pruning.  This allows us to benefit from the generous Languedoc sunshine whilst containing yield levels and thereby concentrating fruit.  This technique offers several advantages : it is respectful of the land and improves air movement through the leaf canopy, thus naturally reducing the risk of rot and disease.


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