ur story


We bought the domaine in 2005.  At that time it was supplying grapes to the Cave Coopérative in Pézenas.


Traditionally the hunting grounds of the Duc de Montmorency in the 17th century, we can trace the domaine’s origins back to the Napoleonic maps.  Vineyards have been planted on Sainte Cécile’s terraces for over a century. 


The land lies at the foot of the Cevennes mountain range to the North.  The winery is located in the very heart of the domaine, encircled by most of the vine plots and from the roof terrace we can see the tip of the steeple of the Pézenas Church 2 km to the South.


From 2005 to date, we embarked upon a major restructuring of the domaine.


Our first objective was to obtain maximum vineyard balance and thereby obtain the highest wine quality that the site could deliver.

We reviewed the estate design in order to update the vines and improve viticultural techniques.


We conducted a soil survey in order to determine the nature of the underlying layers and their micro-floral and organic composition.

Consequently, 6 hectares (15 acres) of vines were ripped out and replanted with 4 different grape varieties :

  • Cabernet Franc (3.5 hectares / 15 acres)
  • Merlot (0.6 hectares / 1.5 acres)
  • Grenache Noir (0.6 hectares / 1.5 acres)
  • Sauvignon Blanc (0.5 hectares / 1.35 acres)

These were planted in high-density rows of 1.6 metres as opposed to the more conventional 2.50 metre width rows in the Languedoc, with 0.80 metres between each vine plant, against the usual 1 metre.  This gives an average of 8800 vine plants per hectare.  Given the nature of our soil, this has enabled us to obtain an optimal balance between the vine’s root system and its canopy.  The reduced distance between the rows has also helped to improve the canopy microclimate, by providing both shade in our sun-drenched climate and windbreak action. 


We also introduced drip irrigation, using water from our well and from the domaine’s natural spring sources. Irrigation is only used when absolutely necessary and in all cases under strict legislation.

This allows us to seek balance in the vines, by maintaining the wine water status at levels that do not stimulate vigorous growth but avoid high hydric stress which are detrimental to the quality of the wine.


« La Cave »


It was also vital to us to have a tool in which to make the wine!  We are proud to have created a fantastic new winery with its striking architectural design.  We think it is both functional and beautiful.  The winery is now up and running and 2011 marks the first harvest in Sainte Cécile.


The Winery


« Le Parc »


We are immensely privileged to live and work in such an astoundingly breathtaking location.  In order to enhance the natural beauty of the site, we created olive groves on 4 west-facing terraces.  A total of 250 olive trees of the Olivière and Lucques varieties were planted in 2006 and have provided us with organic olive oil limited for the time being to family and friends.  As the trees grow, we shall be able to offer our production in the future boutique. 


The Winery


In keeping with our environmental concerns, we have planted a Mediterranean prairie, home to a multitude of local flowers and insects.